About me

I am an assistant professor at the department of Process & Energy at TU Delft. I have a background in advanced modelling of processes and process equipment, including heat transfer, mass transfer and multiphase flow modelling.

My current scientific focus is the thermodynamics and hydrodynamics of CO2 capture and conversion processes. Carbon capture will form a vital part of our route to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The hydrodynamics, mass transfer, heat transfer, and chemical phenomena which lie at the heart of carbon capture and conversion processes are often ill-understood due to their complex and coupled nature. I use numerical models and detailed experiments to understand these fundamentals, and apply this knowledge to develop, scale up and improve carbon capture processes.

I have a special interest in Direct Air Capture and negative emission technologies, by which CO2 is taken from the atmosphere and stored or converted in long-life products. Unfortunately, the feasibility of technologies is currently limited by their high energy consumption. In my research, I am developing the processes and equipment to overcome these limitations, for example through deep integration of capture technologies and affordable renewable energy generation.

On this website you will find information on my research, publications, education, and ongoing projects. If you are interested in collaboration, or looking for a graduation or exchange project, please get in touch!